Liven up your PC and gaming experience! Audera’s technologies generate roaring THX–quality sound and are available in 2.0, 2.1, and 5.1 multimedia configurations. P2X expands dynamic USB port’s dynamic power.

Available ASIMs:
    The HD250 2.2.1 amplifier system consists of Audera patented ClassHD® switching 4 x 30W + 1 x120W amplifier with tracking switch-mode power supply. This is a great fit for the high quality home theatre systems or computer multimedia systems. It has high system efficiency at light or heavy loads, resulting in smaller overall system size as compared to Class D. It can deliver total 240W RMS output power. With standby power of less than 0.5W it meets Energy Star and EU requirements. Has onboard auxiliary power supply for powering DSP, op-amps, etc. of the external feature board.