Audera’s technologies represent the perfect balance between creative innovation and functional efficiency. Through the implementation of an advanced system which accurately matches the input signal to the required level of power output, Audera technology is flexible, efficient and adaptable in a wide range of applications.

An ASIM™ (Audera System Integrated Module) is a PCBA comprised of chips and discrete elements in a complete "black box" solution which includes an audio amplifier, power supply (for AC, USB or battery-operated applications) and signal reception medium (wired, wireless or Bluetooth). All ASIMs pass internal reliability standards and carry all necessary safety and EMC preapprovals. Specific ASIM models may contain DSP, Apple interfaces, auxiliary rails or other features.

All Audera ASIMs are designed to meet present and future global standards including EU 0.5Watt, global EMC, and IEC-60065 safety standards.