Audera’s ClassLH 2.0 ASIM for mini systems features a zero–EMI amplifier stage which is easily synced with a power supply clock for maximum compatibility with AM/FM radio, AND higher output power.

Available ASIMs:
    The LHX20 2.0 amplifier system consists of two 10W full range Audera ClassLH™ amplifier channels powered by high efficient tracking power supply. It can be used in 2.0 computer multimedia systems, stereo receivers, combined hi-fi systems and small music centers. The LHX20 2.0 has excellent musical efficiency, low distortion and EMI; considerably less heat dissipation than conventional class AB resulting in small heat sinks. With standby power of less than 0.5W it meets Energy Star and EU requirements. Has onboard auxiliary power supply for powering DSP, op-amps, etc. of the external feature board.