Audera develops and designs complete, integrated, power management solutions which enable the design of high performance consumer and professional audio systems. Audera technologies produce designs that are cooler, smaller, lighter, "greener", sleeker, more cost efficient, and longer lasting with advanced battery power.

Freedom to Design
Audio system manufacturers and designers who select Audera are able to reduce product development time and avoid the complexity, cost and time associated with the design of the power train which moves the sound from source to speaker. Their focus shifts to audio quality, as well as to those specific features and functions demanded by their customers.

Efficient Use of Power
Through the precise synchronization of energy consumption, the demands of the audio signal, and the optimization of its use by each individual element in the power train, Audera is able to vary the amount of energy consumed in each audio solution. The power train’s elements include the power supply (for AC, USB or battery-operated applications), the power amplifier, the DSP, and the wireless/Bluetooth signal reception. This approach solves one of the biggest problems in sound reproduction: power conversion efficiency.

Audio systems designers easily adapt to Audera in several ways: through the purchase of a standard or customized ASIM™ (the first completely integrated power train package in the industry) or through a license for Audera’s patented technology. Audera’s business approach involves the establishment of close, trusting relationships with its world-class design engineers, which are maintained by its China-based Partner First support team.

Enhanced Product List
Audera currently works with designers and manufacturers of home and professional audio products for home theater, TV sound bars, MP3 docks, desktop audio, gaming devices, PA and paging systems, multimedia, and outdoor speakers. In the near future, this product list will expand to include the automotive industry along with many other applications which we believe will benefit from Audera’s increasingly efficient and easy-to-implement power electronic designs.